Australia’s Peak
Industry Body

The FBIA represents and promotes the interests of food and beverage importers with government regulators and statutory bodies involved in the importation of food and beverages. The association works to minimize the impact of regulations while achieving the government’s public policy objectives.


The Food and Beverage Importers Association (FBIA) is Australia’s peak industry body representing members with imported food regulators, food authorities, the supply chain, international trade and development organizations. The FBIA provides a personalised service to support the commercial outcomes of its members while meeting public health policies.

FBIA members import a range of products including beverages, retail ready foods, fresh produce, and ingredients for further processing. Products transverse a range of commodities such as fruit and vegetables, nuts, dairy, seafood, confectionery, oils, and retorted foods.

FBIA members include large multi-national companies through to small specialist importers.


The Food and Beverage Importers Association has two key objectives:

The Food and Beverage Importers Association has two key objectives:

  • To inform and advise
  • To represent the general and specific interests of the imported food and beverage industry with a range of stakeholders.

What We Do

The FBIA represents and promotes the interests of food importers with government agencies and key stakeholders to minimise the impact of regulations while achieving the government’s public policy objectives.

How We Do It

The FBIA collaborates with regulators to influence the development of standards and regulatory frameworks to reduce the burden on importers while achieving Australia’s public policy goals. To guarantee a consistent and transparent voice on behalf of members, the association is represented on several committees across the imported food sector.


The FBIA has been supporting food importers for over 30 years. It was formed in 1989 when two associations (the Packaged Food Importers Group and the Bulk Food Importers Group) joined together to respond more effectively to the regulatory challenges faced by the industry.

Imported Food Inspection Scheme

(IFIS) and Compliance Based Intervention Scheme administrated by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

Food Standards Code

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is a statutory authority developing food standards for Australia and New Zealand. The Code is enforced by state and territory departments, agencies and local councils in Australia and the Australian Department of Agriculture,​ Fisheries & Forestry for imported food.

Import Permit

Conditions and the introduction of new permit types.


Import conditions for imported food.

Border Issues

Including assessment and inspections.


The Association has a strong history of working to improve the overall regulatory structures governing food & beverage imports. The FBIA has achieved positive outcomes with government agencies by working proactively, collaboratively, and transparently.

The FBIA is represented on a range of consultative committees including:

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Cargo Consultative Committee, Imported Food Consultative Committee, Imported Food Laboratory Consultation , Biologicals Consultative Group, Imported Fresh Produce Working Group, Biosecurity Forums, Bulk Imported Grain and Meals Import Consultative Committee and various forums and consultations.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ)

Bi-national Food Industry Dialogue
Allergen Collaboration
Food Incident Forum.

National Measurement Institute

Consumer Industry Liaison Committee.

Home Affairs and DFAT

International Trade Remedies Forum, NCTF, ACSIAF, DFAT Consultations.

Seafood specific forums

SafeFish Partnership, NSW SIF, ASQAAC, Fish Names Committee, National GS1 Traceability Advisory Group.


Paul Kelly – Importer Member


Henriette de Koning – Importer Member


Donna Shearsby – Importer Member


Glenn Mitchell – Importer Member


Andrew Hudson – Associate Member


Peter Andrews – Associate Member


Carolyn Macgill – Ex-officio committee member

Executive Officer


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