Exclusive Members and Associates of FBIA

The FBIA collaborates with regulators to influence the development of standards and regulatory frameworks to reduce the burden on importers while achieving Australia’s public policy goals. To guarantee a consistent and transparent voice on behalf of members, the association is represented on several committees across the imported food sector.

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Members have access to technical assistance across the imported food and beverage sector through guidance and support on industry issues, education and information on regulatory obligations. Through our general meetings members can enjoy the various networking opportunities.

So, what do members get?

The FBIA provides a broad range of personal services to benefit member businesses. These include:

Technical assistance across the imported food and beverage sector.

Education and information on regulatory compliance.

The ability to connect to department decision makers through the Executive Officer.

Weekly updates on industry news, views and new developments.

Five general meetings each year connecting industry with regulators.

Networking opportunities.

Some of our achievements include:

  • Trusted relationships with government regulators, authorities and industry stakeholders.
  • Working with industry on recall analysis.
  • Invitations to join industry consultative committees.
  • Working with DAFF on virtual visual label inspections and other initiatives.
  • Continue promotion of Food Import Compliance Agreements (FICA).
  • Continuing partnership with FSANZ on current issues.

Current Issues For Members

Import permit conditions

Health Star Ratings

Biosecurity risks such as ASF, BMSB, Khapra beetle

Food Import Compliance Agreements (FICA)

FSANZ – harmonization of maximum residue limits

Assessment and inspection issues

Product labeling

Compliance with the food standards code


This is a list of all Food and Beverage Importing Association members and associate members to whom we provide exclusive food importing services.


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