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The FBIA advocates for the interests of food and beverage importers with government regulators and statutory entities involved in food and beverage importation. The organization strives to reduce the burden of regulations while meeting the government's public policy goals.

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Members have access to technical assistance across the imported sector, guidance and support on industry issues, education and information on regulatory obligations, and access to various networking opportunities.


  • Unilever has partnered with the European Vegetarian Union to see around 500 products include the ‘V-label’ on packaging. This move aims to make it easier for the rising number of vegetarian consumers to identify which products are suitable for plant-based diets. Find out more.
  • The gold and bronze winning products at the New Zealand Champion of Cheese Awards are in the spotlight after it was revealed that they were manufactured by the same cheese maker, just branded differently. Find out more.
  • Aldi and supermarket supplier Menora have been caught out selling 100 per cent dried oregano leaves that contained “substantial presence of olive leaves”. The move has them in hot water with the ACCC. See why here.

Food safety

  • Two Lite & Easy pre-cooked steak meals have been recalled this week due to the presence of foreign matter (metal). More info on the recall here.
  • Do you eat raw egg mayonnaise, aioli or tiramisu? Research released by the Food Safety Information Council as part of Food Safety Week shows that 36 per cent of Australians eat raw egg dishes, with 10 per cent doing so monthly—putting them at risk of salmonella poisoning. Read more.
  • A Victorian council has dished out over $23k in fines after receiving almost 100 complaints about dirty food premises, foreign matter in food, unsatisfactory labelling and undeclared allergens. Get the full story here.
  • The US Department of Agriculture is planning to expand its testing and inspection of food in order to enforce tighter food safety regulations as part of their five year strategic plan. Find out more here.
  • More than 20 people have fallen ill in Hawaii, due to a salmonella outbreak linked to seaweed in raw fish. More information here.
  • Should you wash your fruit and vege? This article takes a look at the science. Read more here.

Food regulation

  • New research from Harvard has found that proposed US soda taxes could lead to millions of dollars in savings on healthcare costs linked to an expected 20 per cent drop in soft drink consumption. Find out more here.

Diet and nutrition

  • McDonalds in the US is abandoning the ‘Create Your Taste’ customised burger menu, pioneered in Australia, after spiraling costs and slumping sales put the final nail in the coffin. More info here.
  • The Australian Medical Association believes that obesity is the biggest public health challenge facing the Australian population. It recommends a national obesity strategy requiring the participation of all governments, non-government organisations, the health and food industries, the media, employers, schools, and community organisations. Read the media release.
  • Substantial weight gain over a number of years has been linked to 50 and 20 percent increases in cancer rates in men and women according to new research by the University of Manchester and eResearch Center. Find out more here.
  • While around 800million people struggle to find enough food, a weight loss device has recently been approved by the FSA that literally “drains the contents of your stomach”. AspireAssist works to reduce the amount of calories the body absorbs and requires only minor surgery to fit. Read all about it here.
  • Ireland’s salt intake has taken a dive thanks to “voluntary industry efforts”, but the country still consumes double the recommended amount. See why here.

GM food

  • Agricultural economists have found that a global ban on GM crops would raise food prices and massively increase carbon emissions. Conversely, the research found that the expansion of GM crops would allow almost 1billion hectares of cropland to be retired. Read more of the research findings here.
  •  According to the Internet, GM foods are making us gain weight, giving us acne and killing butterflies. This article looks at the science to see if it stacks up.


  • A restaurant in Sydney has devised a Golden Gaytime burger…what more do you say? Check it out here.


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