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Given the short week due to the national Australia Day holiday on Thursday we are producing the Roundup early this week.

25 January 2017

  Import Industry Advice Notice 06/2017 Consultation on Biosecurity Legislation First Point of Entry Standards has been published on the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources website and can be accessed via the following link:  

Call for Submission on new enzyme processing aid

Food Standards Australian New Zealand (FSANZ) today called for submissions on an application to permit the use of an enzyme (endo β(1,4) xylanase) as a processing aid. Call for Submissions on new enzyme processing aid FSANZ Chief Executive Officer Steve McCutcheon said the applicant was seeking to use the processing aid to manufacture some cereal products. “FSANZ has undertaken a risk assessment and concluded there are no public health and safety concerns relating to this enzyme,” Mr McCutcheon said. “Xylanase is naturally present in many cereals. The applicant is seeking to add this enzyme to improve the effectiveness of manufacturing bakery and other cereal-based products.” The closing date for submissions is 6 March 2016. More information   The latest Notification Circular (03-17) was published on 23 January 2017. The Circular summarises work currently being undertaken or finalised by FSANZ including: A1125 – Endo ß(1,4) Xylanase as a Processing Aid (Enzyme)  

APVMA Gazette

Edition No. 2, 24 January 2017 is now available on the APVMA website. As a subscriber, you will receive an email notification each time a new Gazette is published. CONTENTS Agricultural Chemical Products and Approved Labels – page 4 Veterinary Chemical Products and Approved Labels – page 12 Approved Active Constituents – page 18 Licensing of Veterinary Chemical Manufacturers – page 20  

Proposed amendments to the AD and subsidy Manual

 Please see the ADC’s website page at with details of proposed amendments to the Manual where comments are being sought on those proposed amendments.  

The Department’s Animal and Biological Import Assessment Branch (ABIAB) is currently undertaking an Import Conditions Review (ICR) to contribute to the delivery of a key initiative in the Australian Government’s 2015 Agriculture Competitiveness White Paper.

The objective of this project is to ensure the department’s import conditions, associated with animal and biological products, promote efficient processes for the department and clients, and are effective at managing biosecurity risks. To achieve this we will:
  • review import conditions to ensure they are clear, written in plain English, easily accessible, and consistent with policy and legislation
  • consider removing the requirement for import permits where practicable
  • ensure import conditions are consistent between similar risk commodities
  • ensure entry management pathways are clear
  • aligning the import conditions with the profiling and referral mechanisms
  • develop targeted compliance strategies
The project will not review the science or policies underpinning import conditions. We are seeking submissions regarding current issues or concerns with respect to the importation of un canned/ un retorted avian meat for human consumption. We will contact you again and give you the opportunity to provide further feedback on the proposed changes, once they are developed.  If you wish to submit comments regarding un canned/ un retorted avian meat please provide them via one of the following methods: Email: [email protected] Call:    1800 900 090 (Prompt 1, then Prompt 6, & ask for the ABIAB ICR section) Due to timeframes outlined in the 2015 Agriculture Competitiveness White Paper comments need to be provided by close of business 10 February 2017.  


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