Food and Beverage
Importers Association

Australia’s peak industry association representing
importers of food & beverages.


Australia’s peak industry body.

The FBIA represents and promotes the interests of food and beverage importers with government regulators and statutory bodies involved in the importation of food and beverages. The association works to minimize the impact of regulations while achieving the government’s public policy objectives.

What We Offer


The FBIA conducts five general meetings each year online and face to face in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra providing information on a range of issues associated with the imported food sector. The weekly Roundup is a member only newsletter and brings together reports, submissions, relevant news and updates from various media sources.


The FBIA provides personal advice and guidance through the delivery of relevant and timely information. FBIA services can be delivered by phone, email or face to face. FBIA staff provide the necessary tools to support member import activities. So, how do you become a member?


The FBIA is Australia’s peak industry body for the imported food sector. Working closely with regulators and food authorities, the FBIA is a respected authority representing member opinions on a range of government committees.

Importing 101

So, you want to import food and beverages. What do you need to comply with? The FBIA, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry in conjunction with the Australian Industry Group, have created a resource for those thinking about importing food. We provide information to help food importers navigate the regulatory environment.


Stay up to date with the latest news impacting the imported food and beverage sector.

Members can subscribe to the weekly newsletter, the Roundup. The FBIA provides relevant updates on industry news, views and new developments within the regulatory framework.

Our members get the best assistance and opportunities in the imported food sector with us.

Members have access to technical assistance across the imported food sector. The FBIA provide guidance and support on industry issues, education and information on regulatory obligations, and offer access to various networking opportunities.

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Learn more compliance requirements when importing food and beverage with our Importing 101.

Members can stay up to date with the latest news.
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